Mike Dougherty

Cranks out material for comedian/impersonator Joe Conklin, late of WIP and currently a morning host at WMMR. Dougherty also writes for local comics Joey Callahan.

"I've never seen anybody punch out lines like Mike Doc," says Conklin. "He can do it on command, in minutes, if not seconds. Everybody thinks they can do it, but very few can."


Guys like "Chip Snapper," Conklin's under-the-El bartender. Dougherty has been putting words in Snapper's mouth for years, and contributing regularly to the "community bulletin board" inside Snapper's mythical taproom. A sample entry: "The Kensington hookers against cockfighting will hold their monthly meeting this Tuesday." Another: "Parents without dentures will host a mashed potatoes and creamed corn dinner on Saturday. Byob--bring your own butter." And: "The Kensington-Camden crackhead exchange program needs your support. Donations are being accepted in the third abandoned house on Cambria Street.

"We like to mess with Kensington people because we're cut from a similar thread," says Conklin, originally an Olney boy. "We share the rec center, Catholic school, the row house mentality." Dougherty left the old neighborhood 20 years ago, after he got married. "It was hard to say goodbye to Kensington, because I had a single home by the time I got out," he says.

The city had razed the houses on either side of his. His clients believe Dougherty's wit could change his life further. "He absolutely has the ability to make it big," says local comic Callahan, whohas written for Jay Leno, Jimmy Walker and Harry Anderson. "I teach a comedy writing class, and Mike's name constantly comes up as an example of what you have to do. Some people want to stop writing after they've come up with 10 jokes, when the truth is you're just getting warmed up after you've come up with 100. Mike just spits them out. He's a machine."

Adds Conklin: "How far could he go? So far that I could lose him."

Though the future looks promising, he's following the advice that his parents, Ken and Catherine, have been dispensing since he was a toddler. "They always taught us not to take things too seriously, and I don't," he says. "When you try hard to be funny, you can't be. I'm having fun. That's what I'm into."

By Frank Rubino


From the first time Joey Callahan saw Dick Van Dyke trip, he knew he wanted to work in comedy. As a comedy writer, Callahan has worked for Jay Leno, Jimmie "J.J." Walker, Harry Anderson and the national bestseller "If Women Ran Things." Joey has also won the Cable Ace Award for The Rik Turner Show.

As a stand up comic, Joey has been seen on Comedy Central, and ESPN's "Lighter Side of Sports" and Fox TV. Joey is also a national headliner and opening act for such names as Richard Belzar, Steven Wright, Bobby Collins, Michael Winslow, Joe Piscopo, Jeff Marder, Bob Nelson and Weird Al Yankovic.

The Philadelphia Inquirer called Joey "one of the most clever young comics on the comedy club scene today."

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