Chris Morris

   Chris Morris started performing at the age of 17 years old, when his dad, (Speedy) asked him if he wanted to do a show for charity. That's where it all started.The famed Chris and Dad show was performed three times a year for local charities across the city of Philadelphia, Chris did his impressions while his dad acted as the straight man, and told jokes. His brake in stand-up came when he met Joey Callahan ,and was hired to perform in the Lads of Comedy, the group of Irish American comics that has performed for AOH groups, and clubs and halls around the country, even playing at Notre Dame University. Chris started doing a little bit of comic acting this year when he joined the cast of New York dinner theatre's Soapranos, and wedding shows.He performed with them for a year.

  Chris recently caught a brake when he met a comic actor named Andrew Shaifer, who was in such movies as Deuce Bigalow Male Gigalow, and the Wedding Singer. Shaifer liked Morris so much he pit him i his new teen dramady, Kids in America, which is scheduled to open the summer of 2005. Chris stars along side of Gregory Smith, Nicole Richie, and George Wendt. Chris credits his father for getting him started in this greatbusiness and also credits Joey Callahan, and Andrew Shaifer for having enough faith in him, to put him on stage and in front of the camera. He also thank Mike Dougherty for helping put the shows together, and for providing him with food and beer for the show.